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Delivery and Installation

We tackle the challenge of delivery and installation in a few different ways:


We create a sharp timing window for the warehouse to load up your product and for delivery direct to the site. This includes furniture and any other products being delivered for installation. We keep and share an installation schedule to keep the entire process transparent for us as well as the client.


We track our trucks as they deliver products to your location. We then provide this information to our clients to remove some of the stress of not knowing when shipments will arrive.

Careful inspection and review

Once product is received on site, it is again checked, inspected, and reviewed for any damage or inconsistencies. We report damages, shortages, errors, and corrections needed to the client as well as the manufacturer for them to address.

Filing claims

We file any necessary claims with manufacturers on behalf of the client.

Insurance checks

Ensuring that all members of the team complete and maintain any necessary insurance requirements.

Field supervision

We provide a manager and/or field supervisor to make sure the project runs smoothly and to have boots on the ground in case of any potential issues during delivery and installation.

Consistent billing

We verify your billing with what is delivered to find and address any inconsistencies.

Disposal of trash and packaging

We ensure that all packaging materials, crating, and trash created throughout the delivery and install is properly removed and disposed of daily.