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Project Management

Our project management platform is focused on clear communication in a timely manner at every level of your project.

Our success has been based on building rapport and client relationships with good communication that last long-term, providing the highest level of satisfaction to our clients.

We communicate via phone and web-conferencing as needed to finalize the design and develop your final order so we can procure the items. From there, we provide regular communication, scheduling, updates on your project, and reports on the status at various intervals.

What needs to be addressed?

In our kick off and follow-up meetings, we address several key points that keep projects running on schedule and effectively:

Delivery & Installation Schedule

Clarification of the construction plan and schedule. This puts us and our clients on the same page in regard to delivery and installation times, how long they will take, and the window for the best time to deliver and install.

Client Approval

We seek client approval at various stages of every project. Workstations and all other specifications for furniture and key elements of the project that will keep it running smoothly are approved by the client as often as needed.

If you prefer to leave everything up to us, we can handle that, too!

Design Approvals

Client and design team work together to approve designs and sign-off on all created drawings, sketches, renderings, specifications, measurements, and orders that we prepare.