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Quality Assurance

Our approach to quality assurance is comprised of an attention to detail and stress on making sure everything that passes through our doors is done accurately and in a timely manner. Our skills in project management naturally extend through to quality assurance in this way.

We have strict controls in place to emphasize the quality of every client experience. It’s built into every part of our business. We have a checklist of issues that need to be addressed by a staff member on every job. This ranges from the design process all the way through to the eventual installation of your office.

Some of the details of our quality assurance platform are as follows:

Team attendance

We make sure the proper part of our team is in attendance at relevant meetings so they understand the scope of the project and what’s being expected of us.

Accurate communication

We communicate with manufacturers using the approved drawings, mock ups, designs, and renderings to make sure there is nothing lost in translation. From there, it’s then reviewed a second time by your project manager.

Field Inspections

Our project managers conduct field inspections to see the status of the project with their own eyes and assess any possible issues that could cause delays in delivery and installation, which is then communicated to the client.

Verification and review

Pro-actively verifying dimensions of the project to mark any potential problems in our processes and correcting them before they ever happen.

Inspection of product

We carefully inspect all items that pass through our receiving warehouse so we can communicate to the manufacturer any issues and have them corrected before they reach their final destination.

Tracking and documentation

We carefully watch and document changes in the plan throughout the course of the project so that the final invoice can reflect what has been ordered and what has finally arrived to the location. This allows us to keep billing and budget accurate and keep the project running smoothly.